Prize Giving with guest Kevin Quigley.

Prizegiving Thursday 26th October 2017 at St Mary’s Church with guest Kevin Quigley.

The Annual Prizegiving event held on Thursday evening was an outstanding occasion for us. Many staff contributed to the organisation making a successful return to our Parish Church, St Mary's. Although the focus is very much on Year 11 GCSE certificate and prize winners, pupils in all year groups were rewarded for their efforts in 2016-17. As well as a trophy and prize money, pupils were given a redesigned cetificate with colours representing the curriculum area they achieved success in.

Our guest speaker, Kevin Quigley, didn't have to travel far but his impressive curriculum vitae meant that we were honoured to have him with us at the event. 

Kevin moved to Lancashire in 1994 and served the region’s Catholic community with great commitment and dedication. He served as Principal of Newman College, and then worked as an advisor to many Catholic schools before taking up the post of Director of Education at Salford Diocese. In his role as Director of Education, Kevin contributed to the formation of many Catholic teachers and leaders. Kevin has made a lifelong study of theology, and is a particular devotee of the work of John Varnier and Kevin Treston. Several of St Mary’s current teachers and leaders have benefited from his support and tutelage.

Kevin was very kind in offering his own thanks to school following the event: Just a word of thanks for having me as your guest last evening at your excellent Presentation Evening. I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and am so impressed by the tremendous strides the school has made. The whole school community, and in particular your students and recent students, portray a confident image of an education family at ease with itself and focused on the task of forming young people who “will be lovers of true freedom, who will make their judgments in the light of truth” Decl on Religious Liberty-for all this and for your service to the Common Good I applaud you all. I was uplifted by the inspiring experience of being privileged to witness it last evening and can only wish you all the strength and commitment to further this invaluable service to the communities you embrace. I wish you personally and all your staff and young people a well-earned half term break.