Information for Pupils

What should I do if my bus doesn't turn up in the morning?
If your bus doesn't turn up, the school will realise this fairly quickly after 9.00 am. So don't panic. Remember, if a bus has failed to pick you up, it has also failed to pick up all the pupils along the same route.

Here's what you should do:

  1. If your bus doesn't arrive on time, wait for at least another 15 minutes.
  2. If there are only a few of you, one of the older pupils should phone school for instructions. The rest of you should wait at the bus stop until this person gets through to school and is given advice on what to do next.
  3. If there's no phone nearby, or you can't get through to school and the bus still hasn't arrived, return to your own home. Only go to another pupil's house if you you can't get back inside your own home or if you can't go to a close relative or a trusted neighbour whose name your parent has given you. Whichever house you go to, phone your parents to tell them where you are and what the problem is.
  4. If you go back to your own home and there's no-one in, please make sure to phone school to let us know where you are. Phone your parents if they're at work to let them know as well. If your parents are at home, ask them to take you to school. If they can't, they should phone school for advice.
  5. Walking to school: Please discuss this option with your parents and follow their advice at all times. If there are problems with buses, they'll know better than the teachers whether you are safe to walk to school. Our advice is that younger students (Years 7, 8 and 9) should not walk to school unless they live nearby. Older students (Years 10 and 11), who have their parents' permission to walk to school, should use their common sense. If the weather is very bad, don't put yourself at unnecessary risk. Keep to the pavements and avoid walking across fields or on the road itself.
  6. NEVER EVER ACCEPT A LIFT FROM A STRANGER However friendly, concerned, respectable or safe they may appear to be.
  7. You must not go back to your own home or to a friend's house without phoning school to let us know where you are. This is truanting. If you have gone to another pupil's house, and we don't know about it, you could cause real anxiety to your parents who may ring the school to see if you have arrived safely.
  8. (Memorise our number: 01772 421909 or put it in your contacts on your mobile phone)