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There are currently no vacancies in school.


From time to time posts that come up at St Mary’s will be advertised here.

Sometimes individuals send in their details to us so that they can be considered for employment. If you want to visit us you are welcome any time.


St Mary’s opened its doors to pupils in 1957 and we celebrate our Diamond Jubilee in 2017. St Mary’s is a Catholic School under the trusteeship of the Archdiocese of Liverpool and maintained by Lancashire County Council. As a Voluntary Aided School, the Governing Body is the Admissions Authority. Our principal role as a Catholic school is to participate in the mission of the Catholic Church by providing a framework, which will help children to grow in their understanding of the Good News and in the practice of their faith. The school will help the children develop fully as human beings and prepare them to undertake their responsibilities as Catholic in society.

In the first instance we serve the parishes of St Mary's, Leyland; St Catherine's, Farington; St Agnes', Ecccleston; St Mary's, Euxton and Ss Peter & Paul, Mawdesley. Nominally our feeder schools are St Anne’s, Leyland St Mary’s, Leyland, St Catherine’s, Farington Ss Peter & Paul, Mawdesley St Mary’s, Euxton.


We believe that "parents should not have to choose between a successful school and a Catholic School". Cardinal Vincent Nichols vision for schools, presented several years ago, still rings true and is our guiding mantra. St Mary's students make an excellent contribution to their school. Consequentially, they receive a great benefit in return. They are happy and over time achieve outstanding levels of personal development. There is a strong recognition among Pupils, Parents, Governors and Teachers of the value of the school's Catholic and Christian education mission. We are committed to it in every way and we are proud to belong to a school offering a rich curriculum and where trust and mutual support are lived by all.

The care and welfare of our pupils are vital to us. The school is founded on the teachings of Christ and promotes a distinctive Christian ethos where every pupil is considered as unique and important. Our pupils form a friendly, open school in which discipline is good and where a high value is placed on order, respect for others and endeavour. This means that we can be rightly ambitious for all our pupils and encourage them all to have high expectations.

We are ambitious and candidates must be able to demonstrate a commitment to change as well as the ability to take risks in moving forward. A sense of vision, enthusiasm and energy will be looked for as well as the abilities needed to contribute to a spirit of teamwork.

All staff are expected to make a positive contribution to the life of the school. There is a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and all staff are encouraged to become involved with this important aspect of school life. Applicants are asked to indicate particular interests and activities.

A programme of professional and pastoral support is given to all new appointments. The appointment will be based on the Catholic Education Service contract of employment which will be offered to the successful candidate by the governors.



The schools’ Learning Support Department enjoys an excellent reputation; a wide spectrum of special educational needs and disabilities being catered for in school. The school is well equipped with lifts and specialist equipment. The school has a positive image among parents and the community in general with regard to having firm and effective strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviour.

Quotations from our 2016 Ofsted inspection include:

  • The culture of the school has shifted to a pupil-centred, harmonious, equitable haven for learning.
  • The Headteacher and his deputies have brought about rapid and sustained change
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils look extremely smart in their uniforms and are rightly proud their school. Pupils behave well in lessons and at social times.
  • There is a very talented and well-balanced senior leadership team whose desire to help the pupils they serve is tangible.
  • Pupils are proud of their school. They are smart, polite and well behaved.
  • Senior leaders and governors regularly and formally listen to pupils. They are stakeholders in the continued success of their school.
  • Leaders and governors give safeguarding a high profile. Great care is taken to support pupils whose circumstances make them vulnerable.
  • Pupils are keen to speak about their school and are proud to say that they would recommend it to their friends.
  • Progress is particularly strong due to high-quality teaching and plenty of stretch and challenge.


South Ribble is a very pleasant area in which to live and work. The school is situated not far from the centre of Leyland with easy access to the motorway as well as the semi-rural and rural areas of southwest and west Lancashire


Applicants must complete the CES application form together with a letter supporting their application. [CES application form available on-line] Your application should be addressed to the Headteacher.

Links to application forms:

Staff Induction:

Teaching and Support Staff joining St Mary's are provided with extensive induction training. This is an essential part of the professional develpment package for all staff. An example of the induction process over a term is shown:




Focus: Term Two Induction programme

Review of evidence tracker, targets set for the term.

Meeting led by LPI AHT and Induction Tutor 11/1, 3.10pm


Focus: Behaviour for Learning

Meeting led by MWA AHT Behaviour, 18/1, 3.10pm


Focus: Safeguarding and Pupil Premium

Meeting led by GRE, AHT Pastoral 25/1, 3.10pm

Observation (with feedback) of teaching by induction tutor, to take place this week.


Focus: Data, Assessment and Reporting

Meeting led by CME, Deputy Head, 1/2, 3.10pm


Focus: Revision Techniques

Meeting led by CLO, Curriculum Leader for Humanities, T&L Sub Team, 8/2, 3.10pm


Half Term


Focus: Review of the Half Term

Review of evidence tracker, targets set for the term, well being questionnaire reviewed.

Meeting led by LPI, Induction Tutor 22/2, 3.10pm


Focus: High Quality Marking

Meeting led by SWE, Curriculum Leader for English, 1/3.


Focus: Stretch and Challenge

Meeting led by JTH, Curriculum Leader for PE, T&L Sub Team 8/3, 3.10pm


Focus: Catholic Ethos

Meeting led by LCO, Curriculum Leader for RE, 15/3, 3.10pm


Focus: Review of the Term

Formal assessment review meeting – read, discuss and sign assessment form (induction tutor to send copy to appropriate body; original to NQT)

Meeting led by LP 22/3, 3.20pm