St Mary's Catholic High School has gone through a great transformation in a short space of time. The necessity to reflect, innovate and change has brought about high performance, sustained progress and a desire among all stakeholders to become the very best that we can be. Whilst the building presents a wonderful environment for education, we know that what really matters is exciting teaching that delivers progress in learning. We have unequivocal high expectations in terms of behaviour and our focus on spiritual development for children is very beneficial to young people growing up in a rapidly changing world.

Our glowing OfSTED report in June 2016 has been followed by good results in 2016 and even better results in 2017. Designation as a National Support School in 2018 is further evidence of our sustained progress. Quite simply, we are focused on driving up standards higher so that our performance can justly be compared to the most successful Lancashire schools. The progress made is testament to the ability of pupils who have now moved on and the hard work of St Mary’s teachers. We also know that the same ability lies within our existing student body.

It is clear that this improvement is now recognised by families making decisions to send their children to us. Over 50 children joined the school across all Year Groups during the last academic year and this trend has continued during 2017-18.

We have always believed that "parents should not have to choose between a successful school and a Catholic School". Cardinal Vincent Nichols vision for schools, still rings true, is our guiding mantra and we can now proclaim this as an accurate description of our school.

St Mary's students make an excellent contribution to their school in many different ways. Consequentially, they receive a great benefit in return. They are happy and over time achieve outstanding levels of personal development. We are committed to supporting our youngsters in every way and we are proud to belong to a school offering a rich curriculum and where trust and mutual support are lived by all.

It is a myth that we are only interested in Catholic pupils. We welcome interest from all families and many children of other faiths or none make strong contributions to our success and ethos. Should you wish your child to be educated at St. Mary's, you are most welcome to book an appointment at any time. We are very content for parents to see the school on a 'normal' day. Should you take the opportunity to visit, you will experience an atmosphere that is ordered, dignified and business-like.

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Philip Mooney